The Biggest Goldfish - Rural SEO
The Biggest Goldfish - Rural SEO

Are You a Big Goldfish?

Yes, you are.  Goldfish are very simple fish that grow to the size of their environment. Businesses are the same way. The only limiting factor for a goldfish’s growth is its environment. In a small bowl, it will be happy to stay in that size. But put it in a large bowl and it can grow as well. Websites are the same way. In rural areas or smaller regions, they can become limited by working just with their local surroundings online. With great SEO, they can expand the reach of their website regionally and possibly nationally. The Biggest Goldfish can help take rural online businesses and help them grow through organic search engine optimization (SEO).

The Biggest Goldfish

Do Goldfish have to follow any rules other than being content with its’s surroundings?

No, Goldfish have no limits except for their environment which determines what they can or cannot do. This is very much like businesses online. Especially if their business has little to no knowledge of internet marketing and SEO ( search engine optimization ).

Most businesses who don’t know anything about growing an online presence take one of two paths; The first path is to try to do everything themselves by learning how to create websites, purchase domains, links (backlinks), learn how to optimize their web page and content with on-site SEO, pay for advertising (Facebook ads, social media ads) and hope that it gets them ranked in search engines. A business would only need the Biggest Goldfish system if they tried this and failed.

The second path that businesses take is to hire the Biggest GoldFish Team. The Biggest Goldfish Team has been in business since 2002 and is a rural bred GoldFish, coming from a small, agricultural town. They market towards small to mid-size businesses with little or no knowledge of online marketing. The Biggest Goldfish Team focuses on organic growth by helping promote the website through search engines, social media sites, and other sources on the internet.

I want to be a big fish in a small pond!

To be the biggest fish in your local market, you need to use proper SEO practices. Did you know that there are over 500 search engine algorithms and more than 80% of them can affect how well someone ranks on Google? If this sounds intimidating then don’t worry! The first step to having an optimized website is one click away.

What are the benefits of SEO?

With more people using search engines for information, rankings are becoming increasingly important in ensuring that your site will rank high when someone performs a search query on particular words or phrases related to what you offer. The higher up an internet page appears within Google’s result pages the more likely a person is to visit the site. This strategy has been proven as an effective marketing technique that can drive traffic through targeted areas which improves the visibility and awareness about our product offerings among potential clients. Using proper SEO means:

Maintaining a Strong Online Presence

Having a mobile first website

Creating engaging content people want to share.

Optimizing Content for Title Tags, Keywords and Meta Data in the code

Competitive Research - Do what your competitors are doing.

Using correct on-page SEO

Setting up Google Integration

A free website analysis is an excellent way to see if your site needs any work. We’ll walk you through any questions you may have about what can be improved upon so that it will perform better for visitors!

The Biggest Goldfish

Why wait? Get started Now

Do you want to make your website more visible on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)? Put your site on the map with a free audit from The Biggest Goldfish.

The Biggest Goldfish - Rural SEO
The Biggest Goldfish

A Message From The Chief Goldfish

In the above example, I use my knowledge of rural marketing to explain how SEO can be used to bring small businesses online, like myself! The tone of voice is written as if I am talking to them in a casual tone. This helps keep people reading because it’s easy to understand. Another important part of content writing for the web is to use keywords that explain what you’re writing about. Goldfish and SEO could be searched for at any given time so it’s important to write about them if your article is about them. Goldfish in this case acts as a Goldfish Hook because I refer back to Goldfish throughout the article and keep people reading because they want to know if Goldfish really do follow specific rules and limits.

As you can see getting good content published takes time and effort but it’s worth it when people click on your link when searching for a Goldfish like you!

Why do we care?

The Biggest Goldfish IS a rural business and we have experience working with rural businesses. I’ve seen firsthand the unequaled quality that can come out of remote locations. Many of these businesses are run by hard-working individuals that do not mind getting their hands a little dirty to get the job done right. These rural businesses have a hard time getting their voice heard locally even though their products are better than most big box offerings in their region. This creates an unnecessary burden on these worthy companies that are trying so hard to succeed every day just like you!

The problems experienced by rural businesses inspire me to offer a simple solution through education and service to help elevate their online presence through the number one way most people try to find something on the internet… through a search engine like Google or Bing.

Don't Be Left Out

Your business is at risk of being lost in the abyss if you are not showing up on Google searches. A modern company must have its own online presence and good SEO will go a long way to ensuring that consumers can easily find what they’re looking for, including your product or service offerings!

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